Sen. Dahle: Gavin Newsom turned a staggering $100 billion surplus into a massive $73 billion deficit

Senator Brian Dahle (R-Bieber) reacted to today’s release of Governor Newsom's May Revision budget proposal: 

“The governor's national ambitions have triggered a massive exodus of people and businesses creating an enormous revenue shortfall of personal and corporate income taxes. You can't have a good government without a strong private sector. Plain and simple, people are being priced out of California from bad policies and mismanagement. 

“Californians are tired of being gas-lighted by this Governor--- the spin on the tourism numbers, his May Revision budget proposal that is less than honest about a tax increase, a lack of a thriving state economy, and the use of NDA’s further erode the public’s trust.

“Today's revision was a hollow gesture, at best. I urge the majority party to work with Republicans and prioritize spending, avoid unnecessary debt, maintain critical services, and incentivize businesses to return to California. Only by taking these steps can California get back on track and become a thriving state once again.”