Senator Dahle Urges Action to Address Homeowners’ Insurance Crisis

Senator Dahle


We have experienced some of the worst fires in the state’s history in recent years and many are fearful of losing insurance coverage or if they are going to be able to make the exorbitant payments. Californians are losing options quickly and we need to stop the bleeding now. Commissioner Lara must fix this before total market failure. We can’t wait for another catastrophic event to collapse the market such as wildfire or floods. California needs a healthy and stable homeowners’ insurance market that is accessible to all.

  • AB 744 (Dahle, 2013) The "Dahle Exemption": allows removal of trees 24" in diameter to reduce fire risk- specified to the Sierra Nevada Region.
  • AB 2082 (Dahle, 2014) Allowed the Board of Forestry and Fire Protection to adopt lower stocking (replanting) standards.
  • AB 2048 (Dahle, 2014) Allows for a homeowner who loses their home due to a natural disaster to be able to file with the Department to be exempt from paying the fee if their home is deemed uninhabitable.
  • AB 2112 (Dahle, 2014) Landowners are not always able to complete harvesting activities by the time allowed under their THP (changes from 30 days to 140).
  • AB 2031 (Dahle, 2014) Relieves retailers with sales of qualified lumber and engineered wood products of less than $25,000 during the previous calendar year from liability to collect the Lumber Products Assessment (LPA) and to report to the State Board of Equalization (BOE).
  • AJR 24 (Dahle, 2014) This measure would encourage state and federal agencies with jurisdiction over forest resource management to collaborate across jurisdictions with regard to landscape-scale efforts to maintain and restore California’s forests to protect the state’s natural resources and water supply for future generations.
  • AB 417 (Dahle, 2016) Expanded the authority of the Board of Forestry and Fire Protection to develop alternative stocking standards, when necessary.
  • AB 1345 (Dahle, 2016) Would have required the State Board of Forestry to estimate the annual greenhouse gas emissions associated with wildfires in California. (Held in the Senate Natural Resources and Wildlife Committee.)
  • AB 2029 (Dahle, 2016) Extended the sunset of the Forest Fire Prevention Pilot Program that allows landowners to strategically thin up to 300 acres of land without a Timber Harvest Plan for trees less than 24 inches in stump diameter.
  • AB 1432 (Dahle, 2019) Authorizes a public water supplier to declare a water shortage emergency condition without holding a public hearing in the event of a wildfire.
  • AB 1160 (Dahle, 2020) Extended the effective period from 10 to 20 years for Sustained Yield Plans, a type of long-term commercial timber harvest plan, for large timber landowners.
  • AB 247 (Dahle, 2019-20) Requires the state to fully reimburse local agencies for the costs incurred as a result of the Carr and Klamathon Fires. (Held in Committee.)
  • AB 248 (Dahle, 2019-20) Requires the state to fully reimburse local agencies for the costs incurred as a result a result of the Carr and Klamathon Fires with respect to lost property tax revenue. (Died in Assembly.)
  • SB 709 (Dahle, 2022) Allowed Timber Harvest Plans to be extended for a period of two years.
  • SB 495 (Dahle, 2022) Would have required the state Air Resources Board to consider and account for greenhouse gas emissions from wildfires and forest fires in the state’s scoping plan. (Defeated in Senate Environmental Quality Committee).
  • SB 542 (Dahle, 2023) Personal Income Tax Law-Zogg Fire.