It’s a Wrap: Dahle’s bills receive bipartisan support, now heading to the Assembly

This week, the California State Senate overwhelmingly passed a number of Senator Brian Dahle’s measures ranging from energy and healthcare, to improving highway safety. 

“I’m pleased these measures moved forward with such strong bipartisan support,” said Dahle. “I’m proud to champion legislation that will meet some of the most urgent challenges facing our state. These bills are essential to improve health outcomes, support the business community to transition to cleaner energy, and enhance the quality of life for all Californians. I will continue to work with stakeholders and my legislative colleagues as the measures make their way through the Assembly and ultimately across the finish line.”

Senator Dahle’s bills moving to the Assembly are noted below:


Senate Bill 1062: Supports the conversion of biomass generation facilities to newer advanced bioenergy technology—allowing them to continue operating to reduce harmful debris that pose a serious wildfire threat to communities. 

Senate Bill 1207: Expands the definition of "eligible materials" under the Buy Clean California Act to include all insulation types, incentivizing manufacturers to continue climate and reliability investments in their products.


Senate Bill 1258: Authorizes the State Department of Health Care Services to waive the interest on unrecovered Medi-Cal overpayment due by a provider when certain factors are met. 

Senate Bill 1423: Requires 100% of reasonable costs of providing patient care would be reimbursed for Medi-Cal services at critical access hospitals. Currently, 37 safety-net hospitals serving rural communities in California are not fully reimbursed for treating Medi-Cal patients.

Highway Safety

Senate Bill 1163: This measure allows state agencies to make evidence-based decisions to improve traffic and wildlife safety.

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